AIAG CQI Standards

What is an AIAG CQI Self-Assessment?

As one of the market leaders in Europe, a long-standing member and licensed training partner of AIAG, we at TopQM-Systems have been conducting CQI process audits and CQI auditor training courses for large T1 + T2 automotive suppliers across the entire process chain since 2007 . We offer you our know-how for the following CQI standards:

Ι  CQI-9 for heat treatment processes

Ι  CQI-15 for welding processes

Ι  CQI-27 for casting processes

Ι  CQI-11 for galvanic processes

Ι  CQI-17 for soldering processes

Ι  CQI-29 for brazing processes

Ι  CQI-12 for surface treatment processes

Ι  CQI-23 for plastic moulding processes

Ι  CQI-30 for rubber processes (mixing & molding)

AIAG CQI Special Processes


CQI-9 Heat Treat Assessment

CQI-11 Plating System Assessment

CQI-12 Coating system Assessment

CQI-15 Welding System Assessment


Electronic Assembly Manufacturing -Soldering System Assessment 

CQI-23 Molding System Assessment

CQI-27 Casting System Assessment

CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment

CQI-30 Rubber Processing System Assessment - Mixing & Molding

AIAG CQI Guidelines

CQI-8 Process Layered Audit
CQI-14 Consumer Centric Warranty Process
CQI-19 Sub-Tier Supplier Management Process Guideline
CQI-28 Traceability Guideline

Our Support


TopQM-Systems audits your company and your subcontractors according to the above AIAG standards. Our auditing concept is based on an audit checklist translated by TopQM-Systems from the original AIAG-CQI guideline and offers you practical "on-the-job training" for your employees during the audit.


On request, you can also receive the audit report in the respective national language.

  • AIAG process audits, implementation and reporting
  • Recognized AIAG audits by experienced auditors
  • Audit documentation in the respective national language (worldwide)


TopQM-Systems trains internal CQI auditors. Our CQI training courses are based on AZWV seminar guidelines and the "Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment" training module is AIAG licensed. For many years, TopQM-System has been a recognized AIAG seminar provider on the global automotive market.


  • In-house training on self-assessment (incl. audit checklist)
  • - AIAG licensed Training as "Internal CQI-(xx) Auditor"
TopQM-Systems already carries out AIAG audits in the entire supply chain for the largest automotive suppliers. Use our special know-how and contact us for a non-binding, detailed offer.