CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment

Significance and Application of CQI-29 Brazing  System Assessment

The new AIAG CQI-29 1st Edition was released in May 2021.

The family of "AIAG CQI Special Processes" is extended by this new CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment.

The North American automotive association AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) is publisher of the CQI standards (Continuous Quality Improvement). CQI-29Brazing System Assessment is a self-assessment of the brazing system and must be carried out at least once a year.

This standard is an appendix to IATF 16949 under „customer-specific requirements“ and is valid for all automotive suppliers globally that have entered into a contractual agreement regarding purchasing, supply and quality throughout the supply chain.

As a long standing member of AIAG, TopQM-Systems already specialized early on in the introduction, development and qualification of employees, as well as auditor training according to the rules of the AIAG Special Processes in the European and global automotive supplier markets.

The new CQI-29 1st Edition Brazing System Assessment was released in May 2021.

The new CQI-29 standard can be purchased directly from AIAG.

You have the option of setting the standard as

  • E-Document including assessment or as
  • Hard copy/print version downloadable assessment.

We are licensed trainingpartner of the AIAG in Europe.

Structure, content and elements of the new CQI-29 questionnaire

Main Audit Questionnaire - Sub-items are reclassified into:

  • Section 1 Soldering Process Evaluation
  • Section 2 Documentation
  • Section 3 Advanced Quality Planning & Documentation
  • Section 4 Production Process & Monitoring and Documentation
  • Section 5 Fixtures and Fixtures
  • Section 6 Rework & Scrap Policy & Documentation
  • Section 7 Process Equipment & Test Equipment Requirements
  • Section 8 Pyrometry Section 9 Process Monitoring

The process tables and the job audits are in a common audit checklist merged and named "Job Audit Process Tables".

The audit question lists for the respective individual brazing processes "Job Audit Process Tables" have been reorganized into the following sub-question elements:

  • parts drawing
  • control plan
  • quality check
  • process parameters
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Sustainability (process stability)
  • process monitoring
  • Fastening and tool technology

Best practice examples which are also listed in the standard:

  • Brazing Health Chart
  • BOK Book of Knowledge Template = Lessons Learned
  • Eventmatrix


Job Audit Process Tables CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment

Job Audit Process Table

  • CAB Furnace Job Audit (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing)

Job Audit Process Table

  • Vacuum Furnace Job Audit





Job Audit Process Table

  • Flame Job Audit

Job Audit Process Table

  • Induction Job Audit


Our Support


TopQM-Systems audits your company and your subcontractors according to the above AIAG standards. Our auditing concept is based on an audit checklist translated by TopQM-Systems from the original AIAG-CQI guideline and offers you practical "on-the-job training" for your employees during the audit. On request, you can also receive the audit report in the respective national language.


  • AIAG process audits, implementation and reporting
  • Recognized AIAG audits by experienced auditors
  • Audit documentation in the respective national language (worldwide)


TopQM-Systems trains internal CQI auditors. Our CQI training courses are based on AZWV seminar guidelines and the "Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment" training module is AIAG licensed. For many years, TopQM-System has been a recognized AIAG seminar provider on the global automotive market.


  • In-house training on self-assessment (incl. audit checklist) - AIAG licensed
  • Training as "Internal CQI-(xx) Auditor"
TopQM-Systems already carries out AIAG audits in the entire supply chain for the largest automotive suppliers. Use our special know-how and contact us for a non-binding, detailed offer.

AIAG CQI audits for "Special Processes" - can also performed as remote audits -

In addition to on-site audits, TopQM-Systems has also been conducting remote audits for your location and your suppliers for several years. Qualified and experienced TopQM-CQI auditors with many years of experience are available to you in Germany, the EU and also on site worldwide. Especially in these uncertain Corona times, we are a reliable partner on site, as well as via remote audits. Use our global expert audit team.


Onlinetraining Inhouse is possible

Seminar-Id: 01-080

Internal Auditor for Management Systems according to ISO 19011 - 2018
Online seminar Online Training
495,00 €
AIAG licensed Inhouse is possible

Seminar-Id: 03-015

Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment
Open seminar Open Training
620,00 €
Online seminar Online Training
620,00 €
Inhouse is possible

Seminar-Id: 03-055

TopQM CQI-9/-11/-12/-15/-17/-23/-27 Auditor
Open seminar Open Training
620,00 €
Online seminar Online Training
620,00 €
Online Training Inhouse is possible

Seminar-Id: 08-031

TopQM CQI Special Processes - Refresher for Auditors
Online seminar Online Training
320,00 €


Preparation Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-010

Audit Pre-Check-up & Preparation
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Process Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-100

AIAG CQI Process Audits

CQI-9 / CQI-11 / CQI-12 / CQI-15 / CQI-23 / CQI-27

On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-200

Audit Follow-up & Plausibility check
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow-up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-210

Audit Effectiveness Check (Validation Audit)
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote