CQI Audits

AIAG Special Processes

Audits by TopQM-Systems are geared towards current customer requirements and specially tailored to your needs.

With our qualified team of auditors, we offer you preparation, implementation and effectiveness testing from a single source worldwide!

We support you with your internal and external audits, whether remote or on-site in the areas of AIAG CQI, ISO, IATF 16949, logistics, VDA 6.3 and much more.

Our name says it all, see for yourself!

Preparation & Follow-up

The preparation and follow-up of an audit is at least as important as conducting the audit itself. We offer you an in-depth GAP analysis at the beginning and round off the audit with a follow-up process and an effectiveness check.

Preparation Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-010

Audit Pre-Check-up & Preparation
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-200

Audit Follow-up & Plausibility check
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow-up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-210

Audit Effectiveness Check (Validation Audit)
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote

AIAG CQI Special Processes

CQI-9 / CQI-11 / CQI-12 / CQI-15 / CQI-23 / CQI-27 / CQI-29 / CQI-30


Ι  CQI-9 for heat treatment processes

Ι  CQI-15 for welding processes

Ι  CQI-27 for casting processes

Ι  CQI-11 for galvanic processes

Ι  CQI-17 for soldering processes

Ι  CQI-29 for brazing processes

Ι  CQI-12 for surface treatment processes

Ι  CQI-23 for plastic moulding processes

Ι  CQI-30 for rubber processes (mixing & molding)

Process Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-100

AIAG CQI Process Audits

CQI-9 / CQI-11 / CQI-12 / CQI-15 / CQI-23 / CQI-27

On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Christian Scholl
Auditor, Trainer & Management Consultant

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