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February 16, 2023

Keyote about SAQ 5.0 at AWT e.V. in Ver

SAQ 4.0 - The Automotive Sustainability Guideline

On February 16, 2023, TopQM gave a presentation at the AWT in Berlin on the topic "SAQ 4.0/5.0 - The Automotive Sustainability Guideline". The presentation covered the latest developments and challenges in the automotive industry with regard to sustainability and environmental protection.

TopQM is a company that specializes in quality management and sustainability consulting and works closely with the automotive industry. The presentation was attended by industry experts and decision makers interested in innovative solutions and concepts in the field of sustainability.

The SAQ 4.0 guideline is a comprehensive concept that aims to make the automotive industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is not only about reducing emissions and using renewable energy, but also about improving working conditions, promoting diversity and inclusion, and complying with ethical standards.

TopQM used its expertise and experience in this area to deliver an interesting and informative presentation. Participants were enthusiastic about the new insights and ideas they gained from the presentation. The talk was seen by all as an important step towards a sustainable future for the automotive industry.

Overall, TopQM's presentation was a great success and showed that sustainability and environmental protection are also important topics in the automotive industry. We can look forward to seeing what new concepts and solutions TopQM will present in the future to make the industry more sustainable and fit for the future.