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August 04, 2021

New SI´s IATF 16949

IATF 16949 SI under the banner of cyber attacks and cybersecurity

Potential cyber attacks now pose a potential risk to all organizations...

... not only in terms of data theft, but also in terms of data security. Without data access,
virtually no organization today can maintain its operations in the same way. Emergency plan / SI 3 Revised / valid November 21

Here we have the inclusion of pandemic plans in the contingency plan as well as in the validation planning of cybersecurity, based on the monitoring of specific and changing threats to the IT landscape. A prioritization of vulnerabilities also in relation to the customer must be carried out. / SI 21 Risk Analysis / valid November 21

under b) the threats posed by cyber attacks on the IT system are also  supplemented here

7.2.1 / SI 22 Competence / valid November 21

In order to train and promote competence, awareness and knowledge must also be created through training in the future, in relation to the preventive work of the organization to reduce risk.

As an example, this would also include cybersecurity awareness, with awareness of one's working environment, in which symptoms of device failures or cyber attacks are also detected.

Correction of correction external laboratories / SI 10 / valid from August 21

For the 4th adjustment, it is clarified when the manufacturer may be used and that an integrated self-calibration of measuring instruments, including the use of proprietary software, does not meet the requirements of a calibration in the sense of IATF 16949.

For the 5th adjustment we now find the requirement that if an accredited laboratory is not available, for special or integrated devices to which parameters are led without an international traceable reference standard or the manufacturer is used for calibration, then the organization is responsible for ensuring that there is proof that the laboratories used are subjected to an evaluation which meets the requirements of section of IATF 16949  Fulfilled.



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